MMD Problems
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Hi - 'Steve' here - wandering round the web I noticed several MMD sites have either disappeared - 'site does not exist' - or relocated without continuing MMD or just shut down saying things like 'not doing this anymore', 'too many rules' and of course 'too much drama'. Just wondering if you or your fellow Tumblers had any more insight/ideas about this, or is MMD becoming a sinking ship? -steve-

mmd itself isn’t a sinking ship but the community is ass


Anonymous sent:

I don't really know if you'll be able to help me with this, but I'm just gonna try asking. Uh, 2 things. I have MMDAI2 (for mac) and I can't see the bone diamond thingies that let you move your model. Also, when I try to insert a motion, my model starts flashing/flickering, and I have to close and re-load the program to get it to work again, only to run into the same problem. Am I doing something wrong?

it doesn’t sound like you’re doing anything wrong, so it might be either your computer or the program itself. i would try using a windows emulator to run regular MMD and see if that doesn’t help; otherwise, it’s not working because your computer can’t handle it.


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I have a weird problem and im not sure how to look it up to find a solution? But I have some accessories that arent accessories, like. cat ears/tail, a maid outfit, stuff like that. But they dont overlap with the models I have, or they dont attatch. I have one with a tail and ears, an the tail attatches fine but the ears stay stationary in place. I dont know how to fix this? I am a small mmd baby and idk what to look up for this

it depends on whether or not the ears have bones

if not, just weight them to the head bone. if so, set their parent bone to the head bone.


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I know you don't work that much with PMD but I figured I'd ask anyway. So I decided to make a self model and found this TDA base. I deleted the hair on it (along with the bones, physics, etc...) and after putting my hair on I realized I might have deleted a necessary bone by mistake, for when I move my model in MMD the head stays in place (it moves to the motion, but not with the body) so I was wondering if you had any suggestions? (I'm new to model-making so sorry if this is obvious)

i have literally no idea how to explain how to do it but you have to make sure the head bone is the child of the neck bone

followers, please help anon


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is team salad dead?

Really no one had any interest in it in the first place so it was kinda dull.
I dunno what other mods and stuff are doing but I’m not maintaining it.

-Admin A

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Hi - do you know of a dedicated MMD forum anywhere? (no luck in Google) As in 'MMD only forum' and not some offshoot on other forums or sites (like vocaloid/utau forums, dA, etc...) ...

Unfortunately it seems as though forums aren’t big within the community. Your best bet to find MMD stuff in general is to be on Tumblr, DA, Youtube and Pixiv.
There might be MMD sections on Vocaloid forums, but no garuntee.

-Admin A


If anyone claims this is a cry for help, it is. My family has no money for food or bills and we have run out of options. If you cannot yourself commission me PLEASE suggest it to someone. We are in a desperate time and I can’t even begin to explain..

Here are examples of…




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rest in pieces xoxo

we ain’t dead yet, blog named after a ken ashcorp song


Any ideas on how to get rid of pixel-y MMD pictures? I have beautiful cinematography, but when I actually save the picture it doesn’t look smooth like in MMD…

Mod Dweeby says: Make sure the size of the render is set nice and big, and always save it as PNG. Also, your anti-aliasing may be off. Check that too. Sorry for the super late reply.


testing out a new effect i found \ o /

model from mamama
MMD + MME only

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so, i just wanted to say hi to yall. and that i miss yall. pls come back

I have no idea when this was sent but our apologies for kinda leaving the blog, and not answering asks.
We are both very busy and honestly MMD isn’t one of our highest concerns right now, although we still still do aim to do our best to help you guys out.
My laptop is kinda busted right now andhasbeenforlikeoveramonthbutidontwannabackupallmymmdshitbuticantleave32gigabitesallgotowaste
I’ve promised to be more active for like 6 months and that hasn’t happened so I’ll just say we’ll make a comeback when we feel like it/if we feel like it.

-Admin A

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To that other anon, the one asking about Q_Ku's models: well, unfortunately, due to the actions of some MMD users in the past, Q_Ku limits their models to their Japanese-only community, so it's impossible for one to get them legally if they aren't in that community.

here you go

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ummm, how do u download stuff? i'm trying to gind hetalia models. i need switzerland, bellarus, urkaine, and hungary!!! (Q_ku),


#mod post
#im gomen
sorry, everyone

all of us have been pretty busy with school and other things, so we haven’t been able to keep up with the blog. i’m currently working on getting MMD to run better on my laptop though, so expect some stuff soon! ~Dweeby

Anonymous sent:

Most of the MMDC honestly needs some serious therapy or something because they're mentally unstable... I'd hate to meet someone like Livi/Liviloveme/whateverthefuckhernameisnow in person...

her childishness and douchebaggery is not explained away by implying she has some kind of mental disorder, it just makes you look like a dick. especially because you had enough balls to send this to a blog with a “mentally unstable” admin, but not enough to say it off anon. ~Dweeby