MMD Problems
lilcharmyb sent:

How do you post mmd videos on tumblr

you make a video post and either paste a link to the youtube version in the text box or click the box underneath it and upload a video from your computer. the max video size for uploading from your computer to tumblr is 100mb so i’d stick with uploading to youtube and then using that link.


mmderloid sent:

When positioning an accessory in a models hand, which bone is best to place it on?

I normally use the 2nd or 3rd bone on the middle finger. Some like to use thumbs too. 

If you’re working with a motion that uses an accessory, like Romeo and Cinderella or Senbonzakura, make sure you read the readme. They normally tell you which bone to place it to, and how to adjust it.

-Admin A

theinbreastigator sent:

how do I make working with feet and legs less frustrating? the toes are driving me crazy

IK bones are frustrating at first. They work differently than other bones. You can always turn off your IK bones if you want them to function like the bones in the arms and upper body. 

I think in the end you just need to practice with them. Over time, your posing will look better.

-Admin A


Someone went to painstaking effort to recreate this whole episode, but why


"This is why I shouldn’t be allowed to use MMDxD" a tumblr user says, uploading a poorly made video of Len Kagamine and Kaito doing "teh random dancexD" Suddenly, a police officer breaks down their door. "Open up, we know what you’re up to!" They scream. Busting through the door, the delete everything off this particular users laptop, including MMD. "W-what did I do wrong?" The user cries. "You’re no longer allowed to use MMD" said the officer. "What? W-why not??" cried the user. The police officers reveal the footage of "teh epic randomness!" the user uploaded to YouTube. "According to Section VII, code 24, in the Len Kagamine hand book, using Len Kagamine in a "quirky" way such as this is clearly forbidden, and all violaters of this rule will have all content deleted of their computer and banned from using the program they made such content with" the officer looked at the user coldly "This is why you aren’t allowed to use MMD"


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Anonymous sent:

I tried to make a dress in Blender for the first time, and when I loaded it in MMD, it came out completely invisible. When I tried loading it in PMD Editor, only one part of the dress was there and it was completely white.

There was probably an issue with exporting/textures. Make sure your texture files stay with your piece.

-Admin A


Bowlroll is basically 1 motion data and 183456 different cameras and lip-motions for the actual motion data.

When you finish an anime and you go looking for models from said anime but they’re all shitty edits

Happy birthday to us

Happy birthday to us

We’ll do something this weekend

Happy birthday to us

How to download fangames from japanese sites


As a person who uses MMD and has to constantly download stuff from japanese uploader sites I don’t find it hard to navigate them, but to those who do, here is a ‘tutorial’ on mostly used sites for fangame uploading. If you have any requests for a specific site/download, let us know

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I want to congratulate (early) you on your second anniversary!

I really enjoy this site! It is a wonderful blend of sass, style, and sound advice. I write for another MMD site, I tell our other writers to always read and get other opinions. Not only does this make you a better writer but a more informed person.

On February 24 will be the sixth anniversary of MMD. So, I’m writing an article and asking members of the MMDC 2 questions. I respect your opinion(s) and would love to hear your response.

  1. What does MMD mean to you?
  2. How has MMD affected you and your life?

Please feel free to answer one or both. If you would rather not answer, then I will respect and accept your decision.

-Arizona (

P. S. I apologize for not using the message link but it kept truncating this message. orz

I’m going to hope you’re cool with me publishing this because I can’t privately respond to a submission without knowing your URL.

Thank you so much!!! It means a ton coming from such a well put together and informative site! Like seriously you guys are fab.

  1. MMD to me means a ton. It’s such a fun program to use, and being able to see others and my own works come together is amazing in itself.
  2. Personally, I tend to use MMD for a lot of venting. It makes me feel a lot better after throwing together a photo or video. You definitely learn a lot from MMD and the community itself. I don’t think I would have ever had any interest at all in 3D animation if I wasn’t dragged in by Miku dancing to silly songs. It’s certainly what brought me and some of my closest friends together. Most of my online friends, we met through the MMDC. 


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((Ummm.. I found that somehow I can't use MME. It gives me a weird error and when I try to put the effect it's crushing / don't working. What should I do? I really want to use MME because it makes the videos and the photos look much better))

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Project DIVA Arcade: Future Tone Style Hatsune Miku (unfinished) by OkpOkpX2 on dA

This blog will be 2 years old on the 6th

holy shit